UTGA Bylaws

Bylaws of Utah Tour Guide Association

Updated December 11, 2019

Chapter 1 – Membership

Membership in the UTGA shall be as Member, Associate, Friends of the Association and Charter Member/Associate. Those individuals and organizations that hold membership must be ethical, in good standing, and support the goals, ideals and purposes, as outlined in Article 3, of the Utah Tour Guide Association.

A. Any individual who functions as a tour guide, tour director, tour escort, docent, driver/guide or any person working and serving tourism in Utah are invited to be a part of the UTGA. These individuals are entitled to full membership benefits and voting privileges so long as dues are paid current. Membership in this category must exceed 51% of the total UTGA membership.

B. ASSOCIATE MEMBER. Any company or organization working and serving tourism in Utah may join UTGA. Each organization may have two (2) representatives and is entitled to the Association’s membership benefits so long as dues are paid current. The Associate Member is allowed the privilege of one (1) vote. Membership in this category cannot exceed 49% of the total UTGA membership.

C. FRIENDS of the ASSOCIATION. Organizations and individuals working and supporting tourism in Utah may be invited to formally endorse the Association. To qualify in this category, nominations will be approved by the Officers of UTGA. Contributions to the Association are welcome; however, no dues are paid. There is no voting privilege. Membership in this category cannot exceed 49% of the total UTGA membership.

D. CHARTER MEMBER/ASSOCIATE. During the year 2004 any individual who contributes $100 or more to the Association, and met the other guidelines listed above become a Charter Member. Organizations similarly became Charter Associates.

Chapter 2 – Termination and Reinstatement of Membership

A. A member may resign at any time. Such resignation shall be effective immediately. Dues will not be refunded.

B. A member may be terminated for cause by a (2/3) two-thirds vote of the Board. The member will be given a (15) fifteen day written notice to appear before the Board for a review of the case before the vote is taken. A pro-rata annual amount of the dues will be refunded.

C. A member who does not pay dues shall have membership terminated 30 days after written notice has been given.

D. A person whose membership has been terminated for nonpayment of dues may be reinstated upon payment of current dues.

Chapter 3 – Dues

A. The Officers shall set the rate of the annual dues.

B. The annual dues of active Members and Associated shall cover the period from January 1 – December 31 of each year.

C. New members joining after July 1 will pay half the annual rate.

D. Paid dues are non-refundable.

Chapter 4 – Finances

A. The funds of the UTGA shall be deposited in a bank in the name of the Utah Tour Guide Association.

B. Such funds shall be withdrawn only by Officers appropriately authorized.

C. An accounting of the finances of the UTGA shall be made at the annial meeting each January or whenever called upon.

Chapter 5 – Meetings and Business

A. Regular meetings shall be held as often as the Members or Officers deem necessary, not less that four times per year.

B. It shall be the objective of the Officers to present education and on-going updates of information that will benefit Utah tour guides.

C. Business matters will be presented during the meetings where members will have an opportunity to vote.

D. Meeting locations will be held at sites that generally relate to tourism.

E. The first annual meeting in December will be used to conduct the election of officers, report of the financial status and calendar of dates, education and events for the upcoming year.

Chapter 6 – Board of Directors

A. The Utah Tour Guide Association shall be directed by a Board consisting of members (no set number) including the Elected Officers who serve as Executive Board Members.

B. Board Members shall be nominated by any member, officer or other Board member and must be approved by unanimous vote of the existing Board and Officers.

C. All Board members shall serve a two-year term. They may serve additional terms if nominated and approved.

D. The Chairperson of the Board shall be selected by the existing Board and elected Officers.

E. The Board shall meet at least once a year, as called by the Chair, to transact business and provide guidance to the UTGA Officers.

Chapter 7 – Officers and Elections

A. Only a fully qualified member (see 1.A) or Associate Representative (see 1.B) in good standing can serve as an elected Officer.

B. Officers are elected by majority vote. The nomination process and voting period are set by the current Officers and may begin several weeks prior to the annual business meeting. Final balloting is completed and results are announced at the annual business meeting in December. Officers serve a term of one (1) year. They may serve additional terms if nominated and elected in a future year.

C. Elected Officers include the President, Vice-President (President-Elect), Secretary, and Treasurer. Program Officer is appointed by the President, and may be one or more fully qualified members (see 1.A) or Associate Representative (see 1.B) in good standing to serve for the year or part of the year as deemed appropriate by the President to productively meet our educational requirements.

D. Voting is by email or by written ballot, allowing each member to vote during the election period which may begin as much as one month prior to the annual membership meeting. Written ballots and final tabulation will be done at the annual business meeting in December. A majority of votes cast shall be necessary for election of an officer.

E. If any Officer position becomes vacant during the year, the remaining Officers shall hold a new election to replace the open period. This will be done under normal nomination and election procedures.

Chapter 8 – Officer Duties

A. The PRESIDENT shall be the chief executive officer of this Association. They shall preside at all meetings of the Association and shall call special meetings call special meetings as necessary. They have general charge and supervision of the business of the Association. They shall make reports of the affairs of the Association and see That its purposes are carried out. They shall oversee recruitment and welcoming of new members and Associates. They oversee the UTGA website with direct supervision of the Home, By-Laws, Web Update and Contact Us pages. They chair the nominating and election procedures for the next Officer election, including the final tabulation and announcements at the annual business meeting in December. shall perform all duties necessary or prescribed by the Board. Following their term as president, they shall remain a member of the Board for the following year.

B. The VICE PRESIDENT is also the PRESIDENT-ELECT. This person serves as the Association President in their second year, without a new nomination and election. They shall assist the president in the performance of those duties and exercise all the functions of the president in their absence. They shall assist in the recruitment of new members. They will research and distribute resource information and additional benefits for Association members. They supervise content on the Bulletin Board and Resources pages on the UTGA website. If for any cause the office of president is vacated, the Vice President/President-Elect will serve as president for the remainder of the unexpired term, and will continue in the office of president for the term for which they were elected.

C. The SECRETARY has the responsibility of all Association records. They shall keep accurate minutes of all UTGA meetings. They are responsible to distribute the minutes to the Association members. They also serve as the secretary to the UTAH Board of Directors. They supervise content on the Meetings Minutes and Scrapbook website pages. The Secretary assists the President and performs other normal duties as requested.

D. The TREASURER shall safeguard the funds received by the Association by keeping proper records, receipts, disbursements and following the financial guidelines as outlined in Chapter 4 of these By-Laws. They shall maintain the banking statements and collect the Association mail. They are responsible for collecting membership dues. They maintain and update the Association membership roster. They supervise the content on the Directory page of the UTGA website. The Treasurer assists the President and performs other normal duties as requested.

E. The PROGRAM OFFICER strives to carry out the vision of continuing education as outlined in Article 3 of the Association. They draw upon the resources of the UTGA Membership, Associates and Community to achieve this goal. They represent the Association leadership to organize committees select subject matter experts, and develop meaningful programs, training and educational seminars and materials. They are responsible to make sure all members know the time and places of UTGA meetings, activities and training. They supervise the content on the Calendar and Education pages of the Association website. The Program Officer assists the President and performs other normal duties as requested.

Chapter 9 – Committees and Member Participation

A. It is the expectation and responsibility of each Member to take an active role in promoting the purposes of the Utah Tour Guide Association as outlined in Article 3. This includes exhibiting the highest degree of professionalism as a tour guide and a willingness to share their talent, knowledge and experience with fellow Members.

B. Members may be asked to serve on committees, provide training in areas of expertise and share updated information

C. Committees of the Association shall be appointed by the Officers as deemed necessary Only active members of the Association may be chair of a committee, function or meeting or have voting privileges

D. Committees shall be discharged by the President when their work has been completed and their reports accepted, or when, in the opinion of the Officers, it is deemed wise to discontinue the committee.

Chapter 10 – Affiliations

The Association may be an affiliate member with any tourism related organization deemed appropriate by the Board and Elected Officers.

Chapter 11 – Amendments to the By-Laws

The Articles and By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of members present at any regular or special meeting, provided the proposed amendments have been presented in writing at a previous meeting or emailed to each member not less than ten (10) days in advance of the meeting at which final action taken.

Chapter 12 – Limitation of Liability

A. No Action by any Member, Committee, Associate, Board Member or Officer shall be binding upon, or constitute an expression of the policy of the Association until it shall have been approved by the Officers.

B. The Utah Tour Guide Association is not financially liable for injuries accidents or negligence occurring to a tour participant when an Association Member is leading a tour or involved in other professional duties.

Article 3–Purposes

The purposes of the Association are:
     A.  To act and operate exclusively as a nonprofit corporation pursuant to the laws of the State of Utah.
     B.  To promote the highest degree of professionalism for those individuals who function as tour guides and to provide ethical and professional standards against which all Utah tour guides are measured. 
     C.  To develop camaraderie between Utah tour guides, offer a forum for social enjoyment, foster common business interests and provide a variety of networking opportunities.
     D.  To provide continuing education and pertinent updates for the benefit and improvement of its members.
     E.  To cooperate with other related organizations in a common endeavor to promote the value of UTGA members and tourism in the State of Utah.